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About Us

The Tempcover team

Tempcover is the UK’s largest short term insurance provider. Established in 2006 and based in Fleet, Hampshire, our team has been dedicated to providing affordable and flexible temporary insurance for a wide range of drivers and homeowners.

At Tempcover we are constantly striving to be the best at what we do. From offering temporary cover to as many people as possible to ensuring the highest levels of customer service, we aim to deliver the best possible short term insurance experience – from start to finish.

And here are just some of the team members that help to deliver that experience…

Alan Inskip

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Inskip image

Alan is an award-winning insurance broker who has been with Tempcover since the beginning.

As CEO, Alan was responsible for bringing the company to market and now oversees company strategy, policy & performance.

Nikki Carr

Chief Operating Officer

Nikki Carr image

Nikki was Tempcover’s first-ever employee in 2008 and was appointed to the board in 2013.

Nikki’s responsibilities cover all areas of Tempcover - from day to day operations, data security and managing the customer service & complaints departments. In 2018, she was promoted to Tempcover’s Chief Operating Officer.

Ben Carr

Technical Project Director

Ben Carr image

Ben joined Tempcover in 2011 and in that time has grown and diversified the in-house IT department.

He oversees, and project manages all software development within Tempcover and was promoted to Technical Project Director in 2018.

Marc Pell

Chief Technical Officer

Marc Pell image

Marc was tasked with re-engineering the existing Tempcover website when he joined the company in 2013.

Marc was promoted to CTO in January 2019 and has total responsibility for the company’s technological strategy, direction and procedures.