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Temporary car insurance for 18 year old

Fast and flexible short-term cover for 18 year olds

Young drivers are often forced to pay for expensive car insurance policies. With temporary car insurance for 18-year-old, you get the insurance you need for a few days or weeks without the large price tag.

Whether you’re home from university and want to borrow your parent’s car, you’re planning a road trip with your mates, or just want the flexibility of occasional driving, get insurance to suit your lifestyle and save you money.

Whether you’re a new driver, a young driver, or even a learner – temporary car insurance gives you ease and flexibility traditional insurance can’t offer.

Can 18 year olds get temporary car insurance?

Yes, Tempcover help drivers who struggle to find cover elsewhere get covered. Most annual insurers and even many temporary insurance providers won’t insure 18-year-olds, but Tempcover can.

If you’re 18 and have had a full licence for at least 6 months, we’re confident we can find you a temporary car insurance policy.

Unfortunately, young drivers may still find that their cover is more expensive than older drivers. This is simply due to their lack of experience and increased risk of making a claim. But while your cover may be more expensive, because you only for the cover you need, you don’t have the big expense or commitment of annual cover.

When might I need temporary insurance as an 18 year old?

Temporary insurance could be the ideal insurance option for you in a wide range of everyday situations. These include:

  • Uni students coming home & want to borrow parents’ car
  • Driving a friends car home in an emergency
  • Long drives/holidays with friends/family members
  • Temporarily sharing parent’s car when looking for your own
  • Test driving your first car
  • Driving your first car home
  • When staying with friends
  • Learner drivers when using a car outside of lessons
  • If you only drive occasionally

Why is temporary car insurance more expensive for an 18 year old?

One of the main factors that will increase the cost of your car insurance is your age and experience. If you’re younger and have less experience driving, you’re statistically more likely to have an accident and therefore make a claim.

According to the road safety charity, Brake, 1 in 5 drivers will crash within a year of passing their test and it’s statistics like these that insurers use to calculate your premium.

To cover these increased chances of making a claim, your insurance provider will increase the price of your premium. As with all insurance, even if you’re the safest, most cautious driver on the road, you pay more because similar drivers haven’t been as cautious or safe historically.

While there isn’t much you can do to make your insurance as cheap as an experienced driver, you can take some steps to make your insurance cheaper. From choosing a less powerful car, to advanced driving courses, and most importantly, only paying for the insurance you need with short term car insurance for 18-year-olds.

How do I get temporary car insurance as an 18 year old?

18-year-olds can find temporary insurance in just 90 seconds with Tempcover. We can insure new and young drivers aged 18 who have had a full licence for at least 6 months and meet our eligibility criteria.

It’s unbelievably fast to get covered with Tempcover as an 18-year-old. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

 Enter a few details about yourself and the car you want to drive

Confirm you’re happy with the price and details of your policy

Pay for your policy and get your documents emailed instantly


What does temporary car insurance for 18 year olds cover?

Even as a young driver, you can get fully comprehensive cover as standard on all temporary car insurance policies – giving you complete peace of mind on the road.

What’s covered with short term car insurance for 18 year olds

What’s not covered with short term car insurance for 18 year olds

Fully comprehensive insurance on policies from 1 hour to 28 daysThe excess you agreed to pay
Accidental and malicious damage to your carRelease from an impound (unless you buy a specific temporary impounded vehicle policy)
Accidental and malicious damage to your carAdditional drivers – we can only cover the driver named on the policy
Legal liabilities for injury or damage to another person or their property
Driving in the UK, and in some instances driving in the EU

Tempcover works with a panel of insurers to ensure we can provide temporary car insurance for as many drivers as possible. Because of this, full details of cover may differ depending on the insurer.

Please double-check the policy wording before purchasing to confirm what is specifically covered in your policy.

Am I eligible for temporary car insurance?

If you’re 18 and looking for flexible temporary insurance, you can find it with Tempcover. We do however have a minimal level of eligibility you must meet to get a quote.

To get temporary car insurance cover, you must

To get temporary car insurance cover, your car must

Be aged 17-78 years oldBe valued between £1,500 and £65,000
Have held a UK driving licence, an EU or International driving licence for at least 6 monthsBe in a roadworthy condition with a current and valid MOT (unless you are using the insurance policy to take the vehicle to a pre-booked MOT)
Have been a permanent UK resident for the last 12 months or a British expatriateThe vehicle must be taxed (unless you are using the insurance policy to obtain tax for the vehicle immediately after purchase)
Have no more than 7 licence points in the last 3 yearsNot be modified in any way except for those designed to aid disabled drivers
Have not been disqualified from driving for the last 2 yearsBe a right-hand drive car
Have no more than 2 fault claims in the last 3 yearsHave no more than 8 seats
Have no criminal convictionsNot be declared SORN
Not have had a previous policy of insurance declared void by an insurer

The cover you need for the duration you want

Full cover,
no impact

Get fully comprehensive cover on our standard short term policies - plus it won't affect your no claims discount

Hourly, daily, weekly

Choose the duration you want with 1-12 hour and 1-28 day cover available - don't pay for cover you don't need

All customised, nothing added

Customise your policy to suit your specific situation - get the policy you want and even choose the minute you want your policy to begin

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